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Secure your data and code in your cloud and run everything with 115x the bandwidth

Set everything up once and it will work for everyone

No more out-of-date READMEs, unreliable setup scripts, or painful software updates

“Brev let's me just run scripts on my data, instead of managing python and debugging pip failures.”
- Natalie, PhD student

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We understand - it's hard to get code running on anyone's computer. Whether it's an error when running pip install -r requirements.txtor just installing the basic packages to make your code run -- researchers, data scientists and bioinformaticians shouldn't have to worry about the environment their code runs in, just the code that runs on it.

Let one person on your team setup your code and share it with everyone. helps you build configurable environments so your models and scripts will always run, with zero setup.

We help you bring dependency isolation, reproducibility and standardization across your engineering team. In addition we make your scripts run 115x faster, your data and scripts are secure in your cloud instead of being pulled to a local machine. Remotely delete it if you need.
Immediately revoke access when a machine is lost or stolen
115x faster internet Download RAM to meet your workload
Reproducible environments ensure if it works on their machine it'll work on yours