If "it works on my machine",
it will work on yours too

Containers fordevelopment
A lightweight development experience indistinguishable from your existing setup. No more installation READMEs or painful software updates.
Built with experience from
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“Before I felt like a DevOps engineer for my local machine. I can’t imagine going back”
- Adam Eagle, Staff Software Engineer @ Stripe
“All my Banana.dev work is on Brev.dev at the moment, it's a no brainer.

Docker crashed my teammates machine again – I'm recommending Brev.dev”
- Kyle Morris, CTO @ Banana.dev
“Everything's running like 3x faster”
- Oliver Murray, Tech Lead @ Twine
Brev.dev in action (58 seconds):

Remember when we didn't need to know
everything to do anything?

Using docker for development environments is a poor experience.
We used to think that development would mostly involve sitting in front of a text editor and coding, rather than endless dockerfiles, dashboards, configuration and tooling - distractions masquerading as abstractions.

The solution isn’t coding in a web app

Don't do anything differently — use your tools like you normally do.
A reasonable solution is something baked into the background that lets you use any of your existing tools — whether you roll your own Vim or Emacs configs, have your own preferred VSCode extensions, or use JetBrains IDEs.

Your environments will be secure,
even if your machine isn't

We connect your tools to a powerful computer in the cloud. They'll stay, along with your files, safely in the cloud - no matter what situation you find yourself in.
Whether you're crossing borders or your laptop has been lost or stolen, you can revoke access to your workspace and files with a single command or click of a button. Spin up the same environment on a new box just as easily.
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